GoogleDataLink: Google Calendar Features

With GoogleDataLink you can create calendars, delete calendars, subscribe to existing calendars, unsubscribe from existing calendars, search events for text strings, search events by date range, add events, to name just a few. Here are some examples:

Search all calendars you own and that you have subscribed to for a text string:

GDLGetEventByTextQuery[<search text>]

This will return all events in all calendars that have a match in the entry title, entry description, or entry location fields of the event.

The following shows a list of all Queen's Birthday Holidays in Australia (after having subscribed to the Australian Holidays Calendar):

The following shows the local weather forecast – Chicago, Independence Day – (after having subscribed to the local weather forecast calendar)

The following shows the Labor Day and Thanksgiving Holidays for the US (after having subscribed to the US Holidays Calencar)

Add a new event to your primary calendar, using Google's natural language parser:

GDLQuickAddEvent["Tennis with John Aug 13 3:15pm-3:30pm"]

Subscribe to the Australian Holidays Calendar:


Unsubscribe from the Australian Holidays Calendar:


Get a list of all events from all your calendars (the ones you own and the ones you have subscribed to) between July 1st, 2011, and July 16, 2012 (aka: “Agenda View”):