LightHawk flights over the Appalachian Trail, one at night, for the Appalachian Trail Conservatory, Nov 4, 2018

First off, you need to view this on a real computer with a real screen. Now put your flimsy iPhone away!

The Appalachian Trail Conservatory requested a flight over the AT at dusk/night time. I first fly to Lancaster, PA, to mount my cameras. This flight I also chose to fly over the AT, to record a part of the AT at daytime at the Northern end of NJ (passing by High Point, NJ, the highest point in NJ, and over Delaware Water Gap, and the Kittatinny Ridge, and then Hawk Mountain). Then on the return flight, the mission flight, I fly that exact segment of the AT in reverse, this time in darkness. On this main mission flight I've also recorded the whole flight in timelapse with a second camera, it covers the whole flight from take-off to landing back home in Morristown, NJ.

Here are both flights together:

Here is a segment from the relocation flight, in normal speed. The video starts when I join the AT at Greenwood Lake with a left turn. Look for the High Point Memorial around 8:00.

Relocation Flight, segment 2, normal speed

Here is the main mission flight, in normal speed, full length (8.9 GB). This is after take-off in Lancaster, PA, and I join the AT at 22:50 with a right curve.

Main Flight, normal speed, full length

This also the main mission flight, but in 15x time lapse, so it shows the entire flight, from take-off to landing (1.3 GB).

Main Flight, timelapse 15x

This the main mission flight, in normal speed, but starting when I join the AT (not the flight portion from Lancaster to the AT), to provide for a shorter file if you're only interested in the AT section (4.9 GB).

Main Flight, normal speed, AT only

This the main mission flight, in normal speed, starting when I join the AT, with a moving map of the GPS coordinates of the flight and the AT trail inserted in the lower right corner (458 MB). There is a section where I had to leave the AT to fly around the Muir restricted area R-5802 (it's not that I don't know how to follow a GPS trail, but the AT goes directly through the Muir restricted area, so I had to deviate to the North for a few minutes). Near the end you can see me rejoining with the AT. When you watch this, keep in mind that the camera faces *forward*, while the center of the moving map shows the plane's position, which would be "directly down". So the video is a bit "ahead" of the center of the moving map (the plane's position), this is intentional.

Main Flight, normal speed, with GPS moving map insert

Here are the altitude plots for both flights:

Here are the two flights on flightaware:

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